The Spring Market is Here

If you have been waiting for the spring market to make your move, real estate spring has sprung. The Northern Virginia real estate market has shaken off winter. Buyers are out with pre-approvals in hand, ready to write winning offers. Sellers are taking advantage of historic high sales prices. When their homes are priced right and well prepared, sellers are getting multiple offers with no contingencies.

The key to success in this market for buyers is working with a lender that moves quickly and answers their phone. The majority of offers written are after hours on a weeknight or on a weekend. If your lender doesn’t answer the phone outside of weekday business hours and won’t share their cell phone number, there is the distinct possibility they will cost you the opportunity to get under contract.

The other key to success for buyers is working with an agent that stays on top of available inventory and has a strong network of fellow agents. Being able to schedule showings the day a listing becomes active is imperative in a high buyer demand market. Homes often don’t make it to a second day on the market. Sometimes homes get sight unseen offers that are too good for the seller to pass up.

If you are a seller needing to buy, you need all the best qualities in a strong buyer’s agent and those of a professional listing agent. Someone who can give listing preparation advice, help stage your home and make sure it has professional photography are essential. In addition, an agent with strong communication and negotiation skills is what any seller, or buyer for that matter, needs on their side.

When you are selling or buying the largest investment of your life, it should not feel like amateur hour. Get in touch and let’s get started making your real estate plans a reality.