If You Want to Sell, Make Showing Your Home Easy

If You Want to Sell, Make Showing Your Home Easy

Representing both buyers and sellers from Centreville to Woodbridge, I can tell you that it is beyond frustrating when a seller lists, then makes showing their property difficult. Certainly, living in a home that is listed for sale in the market we are experiencing at the end of 2020 can make you feel like you have moved into Grand Central Station…or at least Grand Central Station pre-pandemic.

My advice to my seller clients is to hit the market with a plan to be out of the house as much as humanly possible. Often, sells will plan on hitting the market on Thursday or Friday so weekend getaways to see a parent or friend a few hours away are like mini-vacations. By the time they come back, the have multiple offers and are done.

However, getting to the point of multiple offers, if you don’t have a getaway, can be stressful. Where do you go when your home is being shown? Sitting in your car with the engine on, down the block from your home works well. Visiting a neighbor. Taking a walk.

With the pandemic happening, a lot of folks are at home teleworking. I’ve seen sellers at home in a home office, with the door shut and a sign on the door to not disturb and a picture of the room. That works. If you can go to your office, do that. If you can’t, maybe hanging at Panera, Starbucks or the library works as a temporary solution.

Whatever you can do to get as many showings as quickly as possible is going to get you where you want to be as a seller faster. Take the inconvenience with a smile. Your end game is a lot closer in sight than a seller who is limiting showing to two hours in the evenings, or just to four hours on the weekend.

Not all buyers are free weeknights or weekends. You need to be able to accommodate as many showings as possible. If you can’t, your marketing time may be longer and you may not have as many offers.

Just something to consider when determining your showing times.

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