A Favorite Memory Made Possible by Real Estate

A Favorite Memory Made Possible by Real Estate

A couple years ago, I was visiting with a former client turned friend, Kelly. In a million years I would never have thought that I would be friends with her. Kelly had a very strong online presence in our neighborhood and was very outspoken about things that I would be hard pressed to agree with. She knows this now and we smile that we are able to think so differently, yet be friends. It is how life should be.

So what brought us together? Her real estate agent was relocating to another market. Her agent, a mutual friend, referred Kelly to me. From there, I gained her respect and we really bonded.

One evening I visited Kelly and her family at their new home. Her husband hung out as well and it just so happened, her freshman in college son was home too, but not lingering around As I was leaving, the son came to say goodbye to his “Aunt Chris Ann.” Kelly had been talking about her plan for a disco party in her new living room. I said I would be there as long as she played The Bee Gees. Her son chimed in that he loved them. This I could not believe. Kelly shook her head affirmatively and said his favorite song was “Too Much Heaven.”

In the blink of an eye, her son and I were singing that very song. Kelly’s husband was partially in agony, yet simultaneously delighted at the impromptu show. It certainly wasn’t his cup of tea, but how can you not love it when two people of different generations break into song. Kelly was delighted. Smiling and laughing and chiming in from time to time. A moment in time made possible by my real estate career. Without helping them through their home sale and subsequent purchase, this friendship would not exist.

You know what happens next. Of course I’m going to leave you with The Bee Gees “Too Much Heaven.”

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