If January Is Any Indication…

If January Is Any Indication…

Wow. Just wow. Rolling into January, the prediction I made for the Bristow/Gainesville real estate market was very measured. If the past week of real estate activity is any indication of how this year is going to go, I think we are looking at a rinse and repeat of 2021. Very fast paced first half of the year.

On January 21st, I listed 14530 Kylewood Drive for $315,000. Before we hit the market we received a very serious offer from a buyer who was desperate to be in the Gainesville area in an affordable home. Having come off of the second half of 2021, where things had not be crazed, but still favoring sellers, I wondered if it may be the best offer the sellers got. Heck, based on a look at the comps when signing the listing in late December, it was likely to be the only offer. My seller wanted to work something out with the buyer, who incidentally had a home sale contingency. However, when that buyer panicked about the amount over list he had written and didn’t sign my seller’s counter that only shortened time frames, I advised my seller to withdraw his counter offer. Thank goodness he heeded my advice.

Turns out that a condo with fees at just under $500/month, got a total of fifteen offers.


Were any of them just at list price? Not a single one. Every offer was above list price. And surprisingly, buyers willing to waive inspections, appraisals or offer a low appraisal guarantee were back in full force. What a difference a week makes.

If you are a buyer in the western suburbs of Northern Virginia, get yourself an agent that is actively engaged in the market. A full-time professional who notices quickly when the pace or conditions shift. Looking over the fifteen offers I saw submitted, I realized how poorly some of these buyers were being represented. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

In other news my buyer-clients, who wrote their first offer in a similar price point in Warrenton over the weekend, got their offer accepted. You don’t get winning advice from agents who are barely engaged in the market.

If you need a buyer’s agent, give me a call. If you want the best results and expert evaluation of multiple offers, get in touch with me. This is what I do every day. I make it my job to know the market so I can best represent YOU.

A Christmas Miracle in Warrenton

A Christmas Miracle in Warrenton

There is something special about selling real estate during the holiday season. The sale that closed today is one that gives tremendous satisfaction. It all started with a call from a colleague in Colorado Springs in October whose friend in Gainesville needed help finding a home for her and her family. The colleague gave me her friend’s number and I reached out. While the colleague gave me a very brief overview of what was happening, I really didn’t get the full perspective until talking to her friend.

It was at that moment that I met a family going through a life altering experience. After marrying as former high school sweethearts in 2020, and looking to retirement in the next five years, this was a newlywed couple that would be spending their post childbearing years together. They didn’t expect a late night call to come get their grandkids due to unforeseen circumstances. At that moment, this couple took on their four granddaughters, the oldest nine and the youngest six weeks. In their newlywed bliss, they had purchased a condo that was certainly large enough for a couple, but not optimal for more than that. And since they had recently been named legal guardians of the girls, they needed a home NOW!

Some pieces needed to fall into place to make financing the home possible. Mainly, the sale of a home in Colorado Springs. My colleague had that piece handled and it was due to come on the market in late October/early November. Of course, with the inventory still not meeting demand in the greater Gainesville area, home shopping was not an option until that Colorado home was at least under contract. By the time this couple identified the Warrenton home they thought would be the one, I had brought in a local colleague to help, as I was fairly tied up with my elderly mother overcoming a medical issue. House hunting could not wait until I freed up.

My colleague kept me in the loop the whole time. I was so nervous about their chances of getting the only home they had written an offer on, but had to put my faith in the fact that the Colorado Springs colleague would handle the discussion about the home sale there with the utmost professionalism when called by the Warrenton listing agent. When Mrs. Buyer asked if she should write a personal letter, going into the multiple offer situation, my response was something like, “Coupled with a strong offer, it could only help. You certainly have a compelling story that tugs at the heart strings.” My colleague and I discussed optimal offer terms and put it togther.

Sure enough, it all came together to make our buyers’ offer chosen. The sellers even wrote a letter back thanking them for the letter and expressing their own gratitude to care and raise their grandchildren in the home they had loved so much. It was meant to be.

Today, December 20th, our buyers purchased the home of their redesigned dream. They have a large back yard for the granddaughters to romp in and plenty of bedrooms. There is even a humongous covered porch that is going to become the romper room. Best of all, the granddaughters have not seen it yet. They get to see it on Christmas Eve, when the magic of the season will be at its height. Their grandparents are even putting a gigantic red bow on the entry so the girls know this was all for them.

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